Popular New Year Holiday Destinations

The New Year 2011 is near the corner. Like all the New Years, all is set this time also for excitement and enjoyment. Many people use holidays to visit different destinations spreading around the world. A large number of Destinations are scattered around the world. So do not wait, pack your bags and take your family for an exotic vacation.

Top New Year Holiday Destinations

There are a large number of top Destinations spreading around the world. It is indeed a tough task to select among them. Here we provide a small list of top 2011 New Year Holiday Destinations in the world.

Cape Town

Visiting this wonderful South African town on this occasion can indeed be a great idea. The thrilling New Year’s Eve Bash and the magnificent Rezonance NYE Festival at the Gorgeous Franschoek Valley will sure to mesmerize you.


Singers, dancers and the drummers set the ideal platform for grand festive celebration. Aside from these, the traditional folk songs, the rich culture of the country, and the local cuisines such as kiru sarbat, foni bokiba, kuli boakiba and Gula, will surely make you spellbound on this occasion.


This Australian city has always been a great spot for the travelers, especially on the occasion of New Year. Apart from the natural and man-made attractions of the city, the spectacular fireworks display on Sydney Harbor on this occasion is indeed a great treat to watch.

Other New Year Holiday Destinations

Here below is a list of some other hot spots-

1) Dubai
2) Egypt
3) Bangkok
4) Mauritius
5) Singapore
6) Auckland
7) Kuala Lumpur
8) Florida
9) Corsica
10) California
11) Goa
12) New York
13) Berlin
14) London
15) Toronto
16) Rio de Janeiro
17) Tokyo
18) Paris

Hope the above mentioned New Year holiday destinations would prove a enjoyable holiday destination to you and to your family. Happy new year!

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